New publication: Baseline scheduling (JMPM)

Journal of Modern Project Management - Issue 2, 2013

In the new second issue of the Journal of Modern Project Management, a new article titled "Project baseline scheduling: An overview of past experiences" is published. The article is inspired by the work done in the past 10 years and based on the material written in chapters 7 and 8 of the book Dynamic Scheduling. Some of the projects mentioned in this article have been analyzed by ProTrack

In the Project Management course that I teach, dynamic scheduling has a central place. Its focus on baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control is the central theme of the course. In a previous article, I shared my experience on risk analysis and its integration with project control, as published in the International Journal of Project Management (30, pages 252-263, 2012). This article focuses on the baseline scheduling step which is used as the point-of-reference for the two other steps.

Now that the academic year has started again, I think it is interesting to 1) promote the new and excellent Journal of Modern Project Management (I strongly suggest to students to use this and other PM related journals for their groupworks) and 2) to summarize the work done earlier on the dynamic scheduling theme. For your information, in a previous blog, I have spent some attention on the three steps of dynamic scheduling, as you can find here below:

The articles are not free of charge, but the journal editor gave me the opportunity to put my article online for free. You can download it here for free. In return, we just ask you a little favour: share and promote the JMPM on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, the ProTrack Community, ...anywhere!