New article: Artificial Immune Systems

Optimize the cost of your project resources

What have immune systems and ProTrack in common? A lot!

As you might know, most algorithms of ProTrack are based on sound academic research developed by PhD students. One of these algorithms are so-called artificial immune systems that are used to optimize complex problems.

Only recently, we received an email from Springer that our article "An artificial immune system algorithm for the resource availability cost problem" has been published in Flexible Services and Manufacturing, 25, 122-144 and is available on the Springer website.

The resource availability cost problem determines the optimal level of resources in your project, given the cost of the resources and the limited time horizon of your project.

Interesting stuff to read and it gives you look behind the screen of our ProTrack tool. Let us know when you are interested in a study finetuned to your needs.

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