The Project Scheduling Game (PSG)

The Project Scheduling Game (PSG) is an IT-supported simulation game to get acquainted with dynamic project scheduling using the critical path method (CPM). The critical path method involves a time/cost trade-off in project activities and require the construction of a project baseline schedule within a predefined project deadline and budget. The uncertainty during project progress disturbs the original baseline schedule and requires interventions to bring the project back on track. Visit the PSG website on


The Project Scheduling Game (PSG) consists of two modules:

  • The PSG Creator: used by the educator to create PSG projects
  • The PSG Simulator: used by the students/participants to play the game

Download the student note to play the game.


A PSG Suite license costs € 599 and contains the following editions:

  • A PSG Teacher Edition: Contains a PSG Creator module and a PSG Simulator module for personal use that can be installed on only one machine by the PSG Suite owner
  • A PSG Student Edition: Contains a set of PSG simulator modules that can be distributed among your students or put on a university server after registration of a Project Management (PM) course by the PSG Suite owner. The PSG Student Edition is only valid for one PM course and expires two months after installation (extra student editions can be ordered at a price of € 399 for an extra PM course)

Both modules run as standalone programs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
The license price excludes VAT (if applicable)
The license includes full online support

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