Praising youth

Awarding young OR&S people

The young people at the OR&S research group are doing well when working on Project Management topics. Below you find a list of three awards given to these youngsters for their hard work and fruitfull results. Well done!

Award 1. PMI Belgium University Contest Award (students)

for the paper “Baseline schedule and risk analysis: Exhibition stand at BISbeurs” by Olivier Van Raemdonck, Gauthier Dejonckheere, Bram Devlieghere, Maxim Pitteman, Laura Vanacker (HIR students at the FEB) Visit the article here.  

Award 2. Elsie Cropper Award for Best Paper (PhD)

for the paper “In pursuit of more accurate project forecasts: Integration of earned value management with exponential smoothing and reference class forecasting” at the Young OR Conference in London, by Jordy Batselier (postdoc at OR&S)

Award 3. Polaris consulting prize (PhD students)

for compelling a solution to a complex problem demonstrating the consultancy skills and wide-range system thinking at the young OR conference in London (UK), by Jordy Batselier, Jérome Bridelance, Jeroen Burgelman, Annelies Martens and Tom Servranckx (researchers at OR&S)

(Jordy Batselier, Jérome Bridelance, Jeroen Burgelman, Annelies Martens, Mick Van den Eeckhout and Tom Servranckx)