Dynamic Scheduling: What is Baseline Scheduling?

Dynamic Scheduling

Integrating baseline scheduling, schedule risk analysis and project control

Dynamic Scheduling is a Project Management methodology to plan, monitor and control projects in progress in order to deliver them on time and within budget to your client. It  focuses on the integration of three crucial aspects that are lying in the heart and soul of ProTrack, as follows:

  • Baseline Scheduling: Plan your project activities to create a project timetable with time and budget restrictions
  • Risk Analysis: Analyze the risk of your schedule and its impact on your time and budget
  • Project Control: Measure and analyze your project performance data and take actions to bring your project on track

In the next coming weeks, the three crucial aspects of dynamic scheduling will be outlined using three new OR-AS folders. This week, the “What is baseline scheduling?” folder can be downloaded in which the various inputs and outputs of baseline scheduling are highlighted. The two other aspects are summarized in the “What is schedule risk analysis?” and “What is project control?” folders that will be posted in the next coming weeks.

These folders will be used in our upcoming new book "The Art of Project Management: A Story about Work and Passion" that will appear on March 14, 2013 (assuming this 'project' will have no delay).