New publication: Blended learning for PM

Teaching Project Management

Enhancing student learning and engagement

A new article has been published in the new Journal of Modern Project Management and describes how students can learn by doing, how they can get involved in the professional community and how the teaching material is adapted to the ditigal age.

Blended learning is an ideal way to design course modules that mix different kinds of teaching methods and course material to engage students and bring them closer to the relevance of the course content, hereby stimulating engagement, involvement and even enthusiasm resulting in a better learning experience.

In a previous article in the same journal, I wrote about the link between research and teaching at our OR&S group. In the new article, I focus on the Project Management course module and describe the teaching material used in class that includes:

The articles in the JMPM journal are not free of charge, but the journal editor gave me the opportunity to put the new article online. You can download it here for free. In return, we just ask you a little favour: share and promote the JMPM on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, the ProTrack Community, ...anywhere!