Linear and Integer Programming: Examples available

Operations Research for students at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University

Message to students Decision Sciences at Vlerick Business School and Operations Research at Ghent University: Examples of linear programming (LP) and integer programming (IP) available.

As promised, the Decision Sciences website now contains 8 extra examples of LP and IP, including solutions, taken from various sources in literature. Since the OR in OR-AS refers to Operations Research, we thought this might be interested to all our customers. It gives our customers a glimpse of what we can offer to them.

Linear Programming models:

  • Blending problem: Use four raw grains and blend them to produce dry pet food
  • Floataway tours problem: Purchase new rental boats for hiring during the summer within a limited budget.
  • Portfolio planning problem: Invest your money over the next four months to maximize the total interest earned.
  • Recycling solid waste problem: Collect four types of solid waste material, treat them and then recycle them into a salable product.

Integer Programming models:

  • Capital budgeting problem: Invest your money in six possible projects.
  • Cutting stock problem: Optimize the production of tin cans which are stamped from metal sheets.
  • Less-than-truckload shipping problem: Optimize the delivery of loads on a daily basis to five customers for a trucking company.
  • Product line investment: Expand the operations of a company by evaluating seven new potential product lines.

The LP and IP examples are available for download.