P2Engine running on supercomputer

Researchers tend to be very demanding when it comes to the amount of data they want to process and the complexity of algorithms they use. Ghent University accommodates the most demanding research by providing a super-computing infrastructure (see http://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/vsc/tier1/tier1 for details).


OR-AS has a solid commitment to support academic research. The "Faculty for Economics and Business Administration" at Ghent University uses our P2Engine solution to investigate new techniques in Project Management (see http://www.projectmanagement.ugent.be/index.html). Last week, we created a distribution for P2Engine that runs on the super-computing infrastructure flawlessly.

To get an idea:

  • Number of input projects: 900
  • Number of simulations to define control limits: 100 per project
  • Number of simulations to test accuracy of the control limits: 1000 per project
  • Size of generated data: over a terabyte

We are very proud to support this kind of research, since we strongly belief that

"research is the primary driver for innovation"