New Book: Research Summary

Free book on academic research

A new book that gives a summary of the research papers written at the Operations Research & Scheduling (OR&S) group over the last two decades is now available! It's free as long as you share it via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (click at the following link):



The book gives an overview of the academic work done at the Operations Research & Scheduling (OR&S) group. The main research topics of the OR&S group lie in the development of quantitative tools for project management, machine scheduling and personnel scheduling, but occasionally, the quantitative methodologies have been used in other areas such as healthcare optimization and management accounting. It has resulted in a number of publications in international journals, but also in professional articles, book chapters and a number of books. Each individual page of this book has been devoted to exactly one publication, each time mentioning key data of the publication such as the keywords, the reference, the abstract and some links to interesting material to obtain the full work. The book is divided into academic and professional article summaries, book chapters and summaries of written books.

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