PMI-Belgium University Contest 2012

At the chapter event of PMI-Belgium held on March 7, 2012, five students of Mario Vanhoucke have received the PMI-Belgium University Contest prize for their written manuscript titled "Windmolenpark Maldegem"

The students Lien Vehent, Mélanie Decq, Jannig Theeten, Philippe Peelman and Philip Pensaert followed the course Project Management (PM) at the Commercial Engineering Programme (Handelsingenieurs). This course is taught by Prof. dr. Mario Vanhoucke from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ( from Ghent University. At the end of this course, all students had to submit a written manuscript and had to give an oral presentation about a PM topic. A jury of PMI-Belgium members have selected the best manuscript and awarded it by the PMI-Belgium University Contest prize.

Of course, OR-AS is proud that ProTrack was used to analyze the data of this wonderful project. Therefore, congratulations to the students and thanks to PMI-Belgium!