University Contest 2015

Project Management at Ghent University

University Contest 2015

When: Thursday March 19, 2015
Where: USG professionals, Frankrijklei 101, 2000 Antwerpen
What: The chapter evening of PMI Belgium titled "Achieve change with impact"

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For my Project Management (PM) course at the Business Engineering Programme (Handelsingenieurs) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Ghent University, all students have to submit a written manuscript and have to give an oral presentation about a PM topic. The three best manuscripts are selected and sent to PMI Belgium. An international jury of PMI Belgium members, an American and an Australian professional selects the most relevant and inspiring manuscript and awards it by the PMI Belgium University Contest prize.

And the winners are…

This year, the students Camille De Cock, Ellen Dekoning, Adeline Dewaele, Miguel Garcia Casado, Jessica Seurinck and Ann-Sophie Tytgat have been awarded for their paper titled "Dynamic scheduling of a new project: Building wireless smart cities" in which they present their PM analysis of risk management and earned value management on an artificial project in Ghent aiming at adding wireless internet points all over the city. I hope that our well-known mayor Daniel Termont thinks about exploring the idea! Although the project is an artificial idea, originated in the minds of the six winners, it is however based on a project done in Spain (thank you Miguel Garcia Casado for drawing our attention on this project). Obviously, the analysis is done by integrating the principles and best practices from the course with ProTrack and P2 Engine.

A picture with my winning students

Congratulations to the six students! ... well done! I hope they enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame.

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