Concerted Research Action

Concerted research actions (CRAs) are research projects with a duration of four to six years of which the scientific excellence can be demonstrated on the basis of objective data – more specifically on the basis of publications and other indicators that show the scientific quality of the research group(s) in question.

In 2011, the research proposal submitted by Prof Dr Mario Vanhoucke titled “Searching for static and dynamic project drivers to predict and control the impact of management/contingency reserve on a project’s success” has been awarded after a review process and a final presentation to the jury.

This ‘more than a million euro’ research project in collaboration with the George Washington University (US), University College London (UK) and CERN (Switzerland) will certainly move the research in project management and dynamic scheduling towards a higher level. Preliminary research results will be spread on the PMKC website and at international conferences, such as the conference.

Download the CRA folder.