PMI-Belgium University Contest 2013

Project Management course at Ghent University

University Contest 2013

When: Thursday 06 JUNE 2013
Where: USG-ICT, Frankrijklei 101, 2000 Antwerp
What: The chapter evening of PMI Belgium titled "How to Improve Project Team Dynamics - Team Building Workshop"
How: While the first ray of sunhine finally appears in Belgium, we're talking about project team dynamics

For my Project Management (PM) course at the Commercial Engineering Programme (Handelsingenieurs) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Ghent University, all students have to submit a written manuscript and have to give an oral presentation about a PM topic. The three best manuscripts are selected and sent to PMI Belgium. A jury of PMI-Belgium members select the most relevant and inspiring manuscript and award it by the PMI-Belgium University Contest prize.

And now, today, June 6th, the university contest winners will receive their award.

And the winners are…

This year, the students Pearl Debeurme, Sanne Diependaele, Ann-Sophie Parmentier, Julie Scheipers, Hanne Vanaelst and Eline Van Lombeek have been awarded for their paper titled "The Master Project" in which they present a novel PM approach for student groupworks, by integrating the principles and best practices from the course with ProTrack.

Congratulations to the six students! ... well done! Thanks to PMI Belgium! ... once again! And me? ... I'm just the PM teacher of course, but it feels like being a proud father.

10 seconds before the award ceremony and their presentation = stress...

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