The OR-AS products ProTrack, the Project Scheduling Game (PSG) and PM Knowledge Center are based on sound and state-of-the-art research done at Ghent University (Belgium), Vlerick Business School (Belgium) and UCL School of Management of University College London (UK). Much of the work has been summarized in books you find below.

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” (Albert Einstein).

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Books published by Apress

 The data-driven project manager: A statistical battle against project obstacles: This is my first business novel on managing projects and has appeared on April 13, 2018. It is based on research projects, consultancy work and teaching assignments all over the world. Click on the cover for more info. (Published in 2018)

Books published by Springer

Upcoming!: A quest for projects with scarce resources: Seeking schedule intelligence through project data discovery: A new book is coming to you soon entitled "A quest for projects with scarce resources: Seeking schedule intelligence through project data discovery". More information coming soon.
The Illusion of Control: Project Data, Computer Algorithms and Human Intuition for Project Management and Control: The research story of the Project Management research group at Ghent University to improve understanding, wisdom and learning in Project Management for academia and practice. (Published in 2023)
Integrated Project Management Sourcebook: A Technical Guide to Project Scheduling, Risk and Control: The technical guide for Project Management student and professionals with +70 articles and questions and answers to test knowledge and understanding. (Published in 2016)
Integrated Project Management and Control: First comes the theory, then the practice: A summary book on Earned Value and Earned Schedule Management and Schedule Risk Analysis with example projects and performance reports. (Published in 2014)
Project Management with Dynamic Scheduling: Baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control:  An overview book on the three main themes of dynamic scheduling, containing overview chapters, study cases and a tutorial for the ProTrack software tool. (Published in 2012. Second edition available since 2014)
Measuring Time: Improving project performance using Earned Value Management: A project control research study awarded by the Belgian chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-Belgium) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA). (Published in 2010)

Books published by OR-AS (free download)

The Art of Project Management: A Story about Work and Passion: This book gives you an overview of the OR-AS endeavors done in the past and the ideas that will be done in the future. It tells about the products and ideas of OR-AS and gives you a brief overview of the most important people who inspired us and the OR-AS products. It tells about work, and the passion that has led to the results of the hard work. It's not a scientific book. It isn't a managerial book either. It's just a story ... about work and passion. (First edition in 2013; Second edition in 2014; Third edition in 2015; Fourth edition in 2017; Fifth edition in 2019; Sixth edition in 2021)
Taking Sound Business Decisions: From Rich Data to Better Solutions: The book gives an introduction to the world of mathematical programming and data analytics and is mainly written for M.Sc. and MBA students at Ghent University, Vlerick Business School and UCL School of Management of University College London. (First edition in 2015; Second edition in 2017)
Do Research, Create Knowledge, Feed your Talent. A summary book on the research done at the Operations Research & Scheduling group, including article abstracts, book chapters and book summaries. (Published in 2016)
Dynamic Scheduling on your Desktop: Learn how to integrate baseline scheduling and schedule risk analysis to facilitate and improve project control using ProTrack 2.0. (Available since 2010)

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