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OR-AS have been active in writing articles in the Journal of Modern Project Management and the Measurable News. These articles are free to download and are shared below. All other acadamic papers are summarized in a book that you can freely download below.

The journal of Modern Project Management

2021 Essential skills for data-driven project management: A classroom experiment
2021 Project recovery: Project failures and how to get rid of them
2018 The influence of project resource allocation on the resource capacity of the business processes
2017 Combining EDM and EVM: A proposed simplification for project time and cost management
2016 Stability of earned value management: Do project characteristics influence the stability moment of the cost and schedule performance index
2016 An overview of project data for integrated project management and control
2015 Controlling projects
2015 On the use of Schedule Risk Analysis for Project Management
2014 Praise youth and it will prosper: PMI Belgium's recognition of young PM Potential
2014 Teaching Integrated Project Management and Control: Enhancing student learning and engagement
2014 Blended learning in Project Management: An overview of the Operations Research & Scheduling group
2013 Project baseline scheduling: An overview of past experiences

The Measurable News

2017 About academic research on earned value management inspiried by the college of performance management
2017 Earned duration management for a student association project
2016 On the use of empirical or artificial project data
2015 Classroom experiments on project management communication
2015 Introduction to earned duration
2013 Measuring schedule adherence
2013 Project Management using dynamic scheduling: Baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control
2012 Dynamic scheduling: Integrating schedule risk analysis with earned value management
2010 Measuring time: An earned value performance management study
2009 Forecasting a project's duration under various topological structures
2008 Earned value forecast accuracy and activity criticality
2007 Measuring the accuracy of earned value/earned schedule forecasting predictors

Other publications

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