ORASTalks goes mobile

Update: From end of 2016, ORASTalks will no longer be available as an app. Our followers can join the ORASTalks facebook group, and follow our blog via our OR-AS website.

The OR-AS App for and by students and professionals!


Welcome to the ORASTalks app.

ORASTalks is an app that aims at bringing students together to offer them a central place for their course content, to provide them with additional background information and to bring them in contact with interested professionals.

OR-AS is an acronym for "Operations Research - Applications and Solutions" and develops software Applications and Solutions for academia and business based on a well-balanced combination between academic knowledge and practical experience. It serves as a bridge between the academic environment of our university and MBA students and the business world that they will soon (re-)discover after their graduation.

The specific approach to improve and optimise business processes consists of data analysis, simulation and optimisation using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, followed by the implementation and validation. The field of Operations Research is applicable to many complex business processes.

Special attention will be devoted to Integrated Project Management and Control using well-known as well as novel project management tools and techniques.

Welcome to OR-ASTalks. Enjoy, share and interact!

Download the ORASTalks folder