PM Sourcebook

Integrated Project Management Sourcebook

A Technical Guide to Project Scheduling, Risk and Control

About this book. 

This book is intended to be the Integrated Project Management Sourcebook for students of any Project Management course focusing on the integration between baseline scheduling, schedule risk analysis and project control. This integration is known as "Dynamic Scheduling" or "Integrated Project Management and Control". The book is intended to be a technical guide that contains a set of +70 articles classified in the three main book themes, and each article contains links to other relevant articles of the book. The articles are accompanied with a set of questions to enable the reader to test his/her knowledge and understanding of the article’s theme, for which the answers are provided at the end of this book.

Written for anyone who wants to understand the technical details and underlying mechanisms of dynamic scheduling methods for projects. It is intended for students, professionals and academics with an interest and/or experience in the quantitative mechanisms used by the Baseline Scheduling, Schedule Risk Analysis and Earned Value & Earned Schedule Control concepts.

Published by Springer.

Download the MS Excel solution file that is used for explaining the answers on some of the test questions of the book.