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Project Management Awards


Two project management awards at Ghent University

Project Management is alive and kicking at Ghent University, and two of our graduated students have been awarded by PMI Belgium and Arcelor Mittal for their Master Thesis.

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Second edition of free book


Second edition out now!

Download the second edition of the book about Decision Making entitled "Taking sound business decisions: From rich data to better solutions". Simply click on the book cover for a free PDF download (BE PATIENT! +55 MB!) and share this link with others by clicking on one or more sharing links below. Thank you!

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PhD Vacancy


PhD vacancy

Data analytics in Project Management

“The duty of youth is to challenge the elderly”

(Download the PhD vacancy...)

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Measuring Time: Review


Book review

In the latest edition of the Measurable News (edition 2, 2017), someone wrote a review on my first book "Measuring Time". At the time of writing, following by the award in Rome in 2008, I didn't know that this book would literally change my professional life and would lead to many more books around similar topics (visit the bookstore), but the review in the Measurable News (about a special topic, i.e. 50 years of EVM) came as a happy surprise. 

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Artificial Intelligence for projects


New publication:

A Nearest Neighbour extension to project duration forecasting with Artificial Intelligence

In our most recent publication in the European Journal of Operational Research, the well-known Earned Value Management techniques has been extended to a Nearest Neighbour search to improve the accuracy and stability of forecasts. The publication is a follow-up study of previous artificial intelligence studies on the same topic, as discussed earlier.

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Praising youth


Awarding young OR&S people

The young people at the OR&S research group are doing well when working on Project Management topics. Below you find a list of three awards given to these youngsters for their hard work and fruitfull results. Well done!

Award 1. PMI Belgium University Contest Award (students)

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University Contest 2017


Project Management at Ghent University

University Contest 2017

When: Wednesday May 10, 2017
Where: Hof ter Musschen, Av. Emmanuel Mounierlaan 2, 1200 Brussels
What: The chapter evening of PMI Belgium 

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Project forecasting using regularity


New publication:

Project regularity: Development and evaluation of a new project characteristic

In our most recent publication in the Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, a new project metric, known as the regularity of a project, has been proposed as an alternative for the widely used Serial/Parallel indicator. It expresses the shape of the so-called S-curve (the planned value line) and is used to measure the accuracy of time and cost forecasts using Earned Value Management. 

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Reference Class Forecasting II


New publication:

Improving project forecast accuracy by integrating earned value management with exponential smoothing and reference class forecasting

In our most recent publication in the International Journal of Project Management, the well-known reference class forecasting technique has been combined with the traditional exponential smoothing method to improve project forecasting.

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The Art of Project Management: Edition 4



The fourth edition of the "The Art of Project Management" is out now!

(Click on the picture for a free download)

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