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Best Student receives Dexia Award


Best Student in Commercial Engineering receives Dexia Asset Management Award

On Saturday, 21/09/2013, there were a lot of awards in the graduation room. While the Arcelor Mittal Award was given to the best thesis on Operations Research and Project Management to Pieter and Kenny, I had also the privilige to hand over the Dexia Asset Management award to the best student of the past five years. "Best" is here defined as the highest overall cumulative score on all the exams in the three Bachelor and two Master years.

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Measuring Time using ProTrack in Iran


Measuring Time in Persian

The book "Measuring Time" is a popular book in Iran for both profesional Project Managers as well as academics. Given the amount of emails and requests on topics related to the book and our software tool ProTrack, I have been in contact with many interesting people from this country. 

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Keynote Speech in Lisbon on OR and Project Control


Integrated Project Controls

Using Operations Research to improve the efficiency of project control

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Rome sweet Rome: Operations Research in Italy


Pizza Operationale

Eigth of our Operations Researchers from the OR&S group at Ghent University are now in Rome, Italy for the 26th European Conference on Operational Research.

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PMI-Belgium University Contest 2013


Project Management course at Ghent University

University Contest 2013

When: Thursday 06 JUNE 2013
Where: USG-ICT, Frankrijklei 101, 2000 Antwerp
What: The chapter evening of PMI Belgium titled "How to Improve Project Team Dynamics - Team Building Workshop"
How: While the first ray of sunhine finally appears in Belgium, we're talking about project team dynamics

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Book Review at The Measurable News


Book review

A book review of the book "Project Management using Dynamic Scheduling: Baseline Scheduling, Risk Analysis & Project Control" has been published in the second edition of the Measurable News, including references to Measuring Time, ProTrack, PSG and much more.

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Proof of concept: ProTrack Mobile


ProTrack goes mobile: Proof of concept by students at Ghent University

Last Tuesday, May 7, the students have presented their work for the course "Project Management" and have shown how ProTrack could be integrated in a Mobile App. They have posted two movies on YouTube to illustrate what they have done: 

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An overview of research: 1998 - 2013


Research - Teaching - Practice

At universities, research is the driver for innovation and its use in teaching activities is crucial to stimulate critical thinking.

At OR-AS, research is the starting point for our software developments to tighten the bridge between the research and the practical applications.

At EVM Europe, research meets practice by bringing students, academics and professionals together.

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Project scheduling at Ghent University - A case study (04/2013)


The Mutum Paraná II bridge, Case B

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 116 students had to solve the Mutum Paraná II bridge case study (part B) as part of the course “Project Management” at the faculty of Engineering of Ghent University. The aim was to analyse project data and to present the results to the project team of the company in a written report. Below you find some key metrics of their analyses:

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Evolutionary computing in personnel rostering in Vienna


Evolutionary computing in personnel rostering on the 13th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation (Vienna, Austria)

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